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Sunset: While the history of this
cocktail is unclear, it was likely invented in the early
1980’s with the launch of coconut rum as a spinoff of
the popular Tequila Sunrise drink. Malibu Sunset is a
delightfully refreshing beachy drink. Layered with
coconut rum, pineapple, orange, and maraschino
cherry flavours. ABV= 6.5%



Additional Information:

Kit Only (80$): Makes 30 x 750ml Bottles ( 2.67$/btl)

Kit and Fermentation: 110$ 

Fermented & Bottle 150$: Customer's Clean Bottles 30 x 750ml ( 5$/btl)

30 New Bottles 50$

Stock-Labels & Shrink-Wrap 25$

Fermentation Time: 4 Weeks

Twisted Mist Malibu Sunset Twisted Mist

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